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We offer a complete range of modular office system planning, installation, re-fabrication, and cleaning services. Our factory certified systems furniture specialists can provide you with one-stop shopping, as well as a full range of moving and installation services. Our 15 full-time installers and two project managers install or reconfigure more than 10,000 workstations each year.

We can store and inventory your furniture until your new location is prepared to receive them. Our warehousing system is fully equipped to receive your systems furniture order directly from the manufacturer, where it can be inspected and tagged by our highly trained personnel. We will then organize your order before we deliver it to your new location for installation.
Delivery & Installation
Our staff is specially trained to deliver and install even the most complex furniture systems, including fixed seating, mobile shelving, warehouse mezzanines, and trading desks.
Our installers regularly interpret complex design blueprints and make on-site plan adjustments in order to accommodate building irregularities or last minute changes. Our crews are specially trained to install a wide variety of product types from various system manufacturers.
Inventory Management

In addition to meeting your physical storage and warehousing needs, we can also provide you with an Online Inventory Management System that allows you to stay on top of your inventory. Please contact us for additional information regarding this option.

Feature List

Here are just a few of the features that the system provides

  • Instant global access - Access your inventory records anywhere in the world with your own custom URL and private login account(s)
  • Custom organization - Organize your items in a way that fits your business
  • Quick searching - Search instantly through all your items based on ID, description, or category
  • Reports compatible with Microsoft Excel™ - Download your inventory in CSV format for easy inventory management and reporting using Excel. (Download a sample report)
  • Visual inventory - View images of your items for easy visual scanning
  • Activity reports - Track in/out activities for each item
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Inventory Casegoods Inventory Casegoods Inventory Casegoods