Storage Racks
Storage Boxes

Our state-of-the-art inventory control software gives us the greatest possible degree of accuracy and control over the items in our warehouses, which means lower costs and quicker response times for you.

Storage Solutions
We operate full-service secure storage facilities. Our experienced moving and storage staff will pick up and deliver stored items directly to or from your location.
We take our responsibility for your items very seriously, and we believe that our storage facilities should be as safe and secure as possible – all while providing you with unfettered access to your property. To that end, our electronic inventory system will keep you informed about your property with detailed reports.
For additional information about our online inventory management system, please visit our Inventory Management section.
Record Retention
We are equipped to retain and track corporate documents and office records.

We track the movement of all records entering and leaving our facilities with our proprietary barcoding system, virtually guaranteeing that no record will be lost or misplaced.

Computer Reports

A wide varity of management reports list and track the movement of all records held by Business Furniture. Activity reports are divided into two broad categories: container activity and file folder activity. Within each category, the following information is complied into separate reports:

  • Containers Added
  • Containers Accessed
  • Containers Refiled
  • Containers Out
  • Containers Permanently Out
  • Containers Scheduled for Destruction
  • Containers Destroyed

Reports listing all new and refiled containers entering our record center are available. A complete set of inventory and activity reports are available at the end of each year. We will issue customized inventory reports in any requested file format.