Moving Services
Moving Services
Moving Services

Don't let the stress of planning and packing pull you away from your daily operations. Whether you're moving your business across town or across the country, BFI has the knowledge and experience to get your furniture and equipment to their destination safely and efficiently.

Commercial Office and Corporate Moving
Proven Experience

We move millions of square feet of office furniture and equipment every year. Whether it's a small office or an entire building, our experienced staff can handle the entire relocation process from planning to execution.

Operational Planning

First we study the floor plans of your destination to determine where each item will be placed. Then we carefully tag each item according to where it will be placed so we can move your items as quickly as possible without interrupting your business. Finally our large moving staff and fleet of trucks will transport your items to their destination and unload them according to the plan so you can begin operations at your new location immediately.

Our Fleet

Our fleet is equipped to handle any size job, while our electronic inventory and tracking system will ensure that each piece we move will be placed in its correct location upon arrival. Our moving staff is trained to handle even the most sensitive items including computers, artwork, and corporate documents.

Technology Relocation

Our specially trained technology moving staff places servers, workstations, and any other sensitive equipment into shock-resistant containers during the relocation process. Each piece of equipment, from cables and keyboards to monitors and server racks, is individually tagged and tracked so it can be re-assembled at its destination and ready to be switched on.

Since electronics are the most critical fixtures in any business, we usually organize, pack, and unpack technology before moving anything else. We take special care with servers, and assign a crew of 2-4 individuals to handle each unit.